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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2011 8:30am-9:00am PST

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respect to the men and women who risk their lives sand a thing of beauty all the way around. it is tremendous and at no cost, and i keep saying that through my head and that is wow, but we look for the approval on this project. thank you very much. commissioner miguel: next speaker. >> hello, commissioners. my name is scott cooper and i am on the backside of the folsom street development and i have been sitting in on the neighborhood community meetings. and there are concerns of a fire station going in the area that is a bit more residential and we are hoping that they do what they can to be conscientious of one of the area's busiest fire stations and inevitably there will be noise but however they do the operations they be conscious of the people in the neighborhood. it is interesting to see the
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evolution of the particular site from the commercial uses in the 1980's and sweat job and grow op and the mini tower and now a fire station. personally i am kind of excited about this. it will serve the community better. as far as the rats and mosquitos, you can find the same thing at the location, so please keep working on it whatever you did at that the other location. and i would like to call on moma to meet the requirements for or to help with the requirements of 2% for public art that is typically paid for with municipal projects and a fire station would normally fall into that category and since the moma is paying for it and turning over turnkey, that might have been the process which it's been exempted to call on the moma to look at the important funding mechanism to offset some of the effects the station will be of the area and bring forward more public art that we are really hoping to see happen at the site. that is my main bit of feedback. i have no opposition to the project but would like to see
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the 2% public art reinstated with this project. miguel were thank you. is there additional public comment? >> brad paul. i would like to speak in favor for three reasons. my son, the residents of the tenderlo tenderloin, and my son is 8 years old and only in the last two years he visited the museum and he loves it and asked when we can go back. it is great it will be done by 2015 and he will be 12 years old and able to enjoy the addition as well. i recently took him on the 6th street art walk and he thinks art gallery is a museum and he loves all of them and i can't wait to take him to the new edition, but speaking of sixth street, i spent a long time and one of the greatest dangers is fire and in the s.r.o.'s there are people away day and night for different reasons and when a
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fire starts they get reported quickly, but it is the response time of the fire department that makes the difference between people living and also major damage being done to displaced the many residents. having the improved fire station that serves sixth street and the tenderloin couldn't be more point. and finally t jobs. other speakers from the labor unions have talked about that, but we know what the need is for more work and the more large projects that you can approve gives you the leeway to occasionally say no that don't meet the test of necessary and desirable and this is clearly a project that is both necessary and desirable. i would urge you to support it. thank you. >> thank you. is there additional public comment on this item? if not, public comment is closed. i would like to add a couple of
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comments. i was taken by the phrase changing city particularly in reference to this site. i probably have mentioned it before, but i have a particular interest in this site in the mid 1860's, my grandmother was born in momar or -- i don't know which side of third street it was, but over time this is another another major change. as to the comment on the proximity to the trans bay terminal, the cause of the fishery collections itself has such massive sculptures within the collection and it would be my hope that by the time we work
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out all the details of the trans bay terminal and it's coming and the open spaces and parks that form an entrance to it and are adjacent to it that it might be possible for some of the more massive pieces that might not be easy to house in the new structure that they would form sort of an area expansion of that part of the museum's collection and enhance the city in that way. and it is just a little thought out there, if you will. commissioner borden. commissioner borden: it is very enthusiastic to support this project and i remember when i was living in cal hallow and the issue came up in the presidio
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and a lot of people thought that was not the location for the world class ard art opportunity and we have developed a flourishing art district with the moma and the upcoming mexican maw second degreeium and -- museum and there are a lot of great cultural resources and seems like it is a logical response and thing to do. i am so excited to be part of making that happen. i think it's also amazing that we get to build a brand-new fire station, one much better positioned for the clients and i work downtown sometimes and the fire truck is trying to come out of the fire house and it is lock down in the neighborhood with a taxi from city hall during the one of the big conferences and it took 30 minutes. i was cursing myself for not
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just taking the muni because it took so long with everything that was going on in the corridor. and being so logical to move the fire station to a much better location and the traffic flow in that general area. that is very, very exciting. the idea of having for access and if you have been outside sfmoma when there is a major exhibit, the sidewalk is hard to get on because there are so many people on the sidewalk and have other entrances and the museum will be beneficial for the passability of the sidewalks on the evening and big events and will be spectacular that not only people go there for the three day a month enjoy the arts and the art free of cost. and with that i would move to approve all the action items
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which are 11a, b, c, and d. >> second. fig fig wr sfi -- commissioner miguel: commissioner antonini? commissioner antonini: i agree with the comments that have been said and the idea that it will be open in all four directions will be a great thing and the last time i checked, i don't know fit's still true, but station one was the busiest station in the nation for number of calls a day. and the idea of having to go through everything every time a call goes out and will be a big improvement. and there was some commentary on the hunt lane and the access and if you can answer that for me, i don't know if that can be done or if it can be worked out and
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it seems that would be vacated. is that correct? >> and with the general plan referral and part addresses the making of findings and findings to be consistent with that part of the plan and it is part of the process to be maintained that rely on hunt street right-of-way for the loading and trash collection and valet and things like that, so it is something that is incorporated into the project and could potentially be advantage and the project would need to come back for section 309 review which is a condition and before you today
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is the mmrp's for the project and those would not include adoption with any of the improvement measures list there had. however t improvement measures could be imposed in the future as conditions on the section 309. commissioner antonini: thank you that the 309 will be coming up in january and would be a design and other issues as well as this. so thanks. >> and commissioner fong. commissioner fong: this is a great opportunity to expand itself for tourism and local and as commissioner antonini brought up, we both have an opportunity to address some of the concerns and did a significant remodel to the restaurant and floor and bar and lobby area.
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overall they will benefit from the expansion and i am in support. >> commissioner moore? >> this is actually quite unusual. normally when large projects come in front of the commission, they are controversial. this is not. this is a double winner and you look back at the redevelopment and large development areas and this is like the final touch of completing the district. and what is exciting to me is that we are not just creating a background building as an addition but will be doing another spectacular piece of architecture that really plays well on it own as a compliment to the place where it's going to be. and i am very excited and supportive and delighted that we all agree. commissioner miguel: commissioner sugaya.
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commissioner sugaya: yes. and i don't have much to add except that commissioner miguel reminded me that we have seen the proposed skull sculpture for the transit center made out of salvaged concrete blocks apparently. commissioner miguel: that is not part of the collection. commissioner sugaya: and to try to replace that thing with something we would be better off in the world. thank you. secretary avery: commissioners, the motion is to approve all the proposed actions before you and just for the record, i will state them. the motion is for approval of 11a, findings of the ceqa environmental quality act, 11b, consideration of the motion with the general plan and section 101.1 and 11b is the general
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plan amendment and item d to reclassify from public to downtown and question the northerly portion from mixed use -- >> if i could ask for a clarification to the inclusion of the language just -- in the general plan referral. thank you. >> with the inclusion of the new language that is provided by staff. commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner miguel? >> thank you. commissioners. the motion passed unanimously. commissioners, you are now ready to hear 12, case 2005.1004e.
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the glen park community plan. you have had public comment on this item, today you had public comment on this item and the public hearing on this item is closed on the certification of the final environmental impact report. >> good afternoon. i am lisa gibson of the planning department and before you is the certification -- >> commissioner sugaya. commissioner sugaya: thank you, staff. i have to ask for a recusal because we did participate in the environmental impact report. and so just asking for a recusal. >> second. secretary avery: on the motion to recuse commissioner sugaya. commissioner sugaya is recused. >> just on this one item.
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secretary avery: thank you. >> to continue, the item before you is a certification -- you need to let him leave the room first. >> i understand. the e.i.r. certification is before you as is a draft certification motion and was published on august 27 and a public hearing was called on june 2 and the public company tear closed on june 13 and the comments and response to the document was published and distributed october 27. the e.i.r. found implementation of the glen park community plan would result in the following significant unavoidable impacts that could not be met kated to below a significant level. unwas transportation and circulation due to unacceptable level of service at bosworth
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street and diamond street intersection during the a.m. and p.m. peak hours under both project and cumulative conditions and unavoidable significant impact related to air quality due to construction activities with respect to certain criteria air pollutants and ozone precursorses and finally, ann unavoidable significant impact related to air quality due to construction and operational activities that would emit toxic air contaminants and in excess of the area and air quality management district under both the project and cumulative conditions. the commission would need to adopt the ceqa should the commission choose to approve the project. we would request that the commission adopt the motion before you that certified the the contents of the e.i.r. are adequate and accurate and procedures through which the final e.i.r. was prepared to comply with the provisions of
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ceqa, the ceqa guidelines and chapter 31 of the administrative code that. concludes my presentation unless you have any questions. commissioner miguel: thank you. commissioner borden? commissioner borden: i move to certify. >> second. secretary avery: commissioners, the motion is before you for the certification of the final environmental impact report. commissioner antonini. awe aye. >> commissioner borden. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> aye. >> missioner fong. >> aye. >> commissioner miguel. >> thank you. secretary avery: commissioners, that item has been sertfied. you are on 13 a, b, c, and d and e for the glen park community plan, adoptions of the finding of the california environmental quality act and the resolution amending the general plan pursuant to san francisco charter 4.105. 13c is consideration for
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resolution of the amending the planning code and for the land use, height and bulk, density, and parking and established one new zoning district and make related amendments to the planning code necessary to implement the general plan as proposed to be amended pursuant to the glen park community plan. 13d, a resolution amending the zoning map for the san francisco planning code and 13e, general plan consistency and planning code section 101.1 findings. >> good afternoon, commissioners f i am jon swae and i am the planning manager for the glen park community plan and i am here to present to you a series of actions we are asking the commission to take to approve the glen park community plan. the other half of the glen park team, the glen park and john likes to refer to the glen park community plan as the feel good plan of the season and there is
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a lot to like about the plan and the plan is enjoying broad community support through an extensive community outreach effort that we have engaged in with the plan. what i would like to do is give a quick recap on the plan and we'll discuss in detail some of the actions we will be asking you to take today. as we are all familiar with, the glen park is focused and the bart station and the commercial distribution with connections to glen park and san jose avenue. and what's really special about this area is it is a really highly transit intensive and pedestrian intensive area. about 9,000 riders use the area around the bart station and what is amazing is half of the 9,000 arrive by walking. 80% of the people using the area to access the transit services arrive by transit or walking. and the plan is attempting to do
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four primary thins. the first is to protect and enhance the character of glen park and the unique character and especially the village atmosphere that the residents love. the second is to resolve some of the challenges posed by large scale infrastructure and the third is to really prioritize pedestrian and transit movement in the village area. and with the connection to glen cannian park and between the park and downtown and looking for opportunities with high quality public space in downtown glen park. and the acts were requesting the commission today include approving a motion adopting the ceqa findings and the general plan amendments and this is different than itemized on the calendar but it also includes
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the consistency findings with the general plan and proposition 101 policy. and then also approving the resolutions adopting the planning code and zoning map amendments. and the ceqa findings identify the potential significant impacts in mitigations associated with the project. and they encourage the commission to make a statement of overriding consideration and in terms of bringing the neighborhood commercial district and the transit oriented neighborhood that promotes public safety and the compatible use in the area. and the general plan amendment including the area plan which is the glen park community plan or known as the glen park area plan and also amending various amounts of the general plan to revens the new area plan. and we would then be amending the planning code to include the
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new glen park neighborhood commercial transit direction as section 138 of the code and making various related amendments to different sections related to the new neighborhood commercial district. and the city attorney has asked me to bring up a relevant clause that we would like added to the resolution should you choose to approve them today. we ask the commission to add a clause giving instruction to the city planning department and the city attorney to update the ordinances before they are sent to the board of supervisors to include system of the recently legislated changes that have taken place such as the eastern neighborhood code cleanup language and a couple of sections that would effect the background text of our code ordinance. and also section 607.1 of the city center special sign district. we would just like to make sure that is noted. and the zoning map would be
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amended to display the new glen park neighborhood commercial transit district, of course, and also height changes to the city's height map that reflects the height changes i will discuss in a moment proposed for the glen park area. i have an update d ordinance to distribute. there are two parcels shown on the maps in the district but these were not included in that original zoning map ordinance. so i would like to read them into the record and those are the block and lot number 6726, lot 27 and block number 6727, lot 23 arc. and this map shows the existing
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zoning in the area which is the light purple displaying the current neighborhood commercial, small scale neighborhood commercial that the amendment would change to the glen park commercial district by adding nine additional parcels. in terms of the height changes t whole area within the planned boundary and the 40 foot height district and 30x height district in the sensitive interior around diamond street and to allow a 5-foot height bonus for active ground commercial ewings. and that is a summary of the amendments. just to reiterate, the findings of the ceqa motion and the approval of resolutions adopting
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to the general planning code and we would like to thank you the economying for the interest and support and it is great to be here at this time for the adoption hearing and we are available to answer any questions you may have. commissioner miguel: thank you, jon. is there any public comment on this item? >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am the chair of the zoning and planning committee of the glen park association. i just want to say a couple of things. first of all, we are generally pleased with the way jon and jon have incorporated the plan and incorporated themselves into the plan and outreached to the glen park community. the soak has held its own public
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meetings as well and we think that the plan that is before you does pretty much reflect the concerns of the community. there are a couple of things that i would like to mention because i think that they include the next steps that i want to make sure you are aware of and first of all, the traffic improvement around the bart station is extremely important. and you heard from jon how much pedestrian traffic there is there and injuries occur frequently and another person was injured a couple of days ago. and so we really do hope that the improvements will be given some urgency and will improve the safety of the community. and another traffic-related item is that the suggests were made
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about the treatment of traffic on bosworth between diamond and elk and this comes down to the inspection by the bart station and reducing it to one lane. and we understand that this require more study and we hope that it will get more study even though it is an interesting idea that should definitely be explored. thank you very much for your attention. commissioner miguel: thank you. is there additional comment? >> good afternoon. i worked with nicholas on the planning committee and i am a resident in glen park for about two years now. and one thing i have noted is the i am speaking in support of the plan is there is considerable community
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involvement and we have san antonio progress and change in the plan and we strongly support the changes in the plan and agree it preserves the character of the community and the community that is safe and enjoyable. and a second comment is a particular comment of one of thes a pekts that is the greenway improvement between diamond and paradise and we feel and agree that the greenway should be pursued as a path. however, the plan does identify the potential for studying and several additional feasibility studys is a complex issue to get involved with a lot more research from the safety
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perspective and will need considerable additional study. thank you. commissioner miguel: thank you. is there additional public comment? if not, public comment is closed. economyinger antonini? -- commissioner antonini? commissioner antonini: this is extremely well done and well crafted and i would be in total support and i believe we can approve all four together with the ceqa and overriding concerns and the map amendment and planning code amendments and the resolution clause which i understand is part of the thing to include the new language. >> second. commissioner miguel: i would like to say i am so pleased with this and the manner in which the public outreach was conducted and i look forward, i hope,


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